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Kate Pong creates whimsical mixed media paintings with sculptural accents. These spirited pieces are inspired by her dream sequences.

Intricate clay segments handmade individually and appliquéd onto her paintings - layers of textural patterns and waves invite the viewers to journey into a vibrant 3D realm.

From afar, the viewer is first attracted to the candy-like palette and ambiguous silhouettes that resemble a familiar objects. It almost beckons you to enter the artist's whimsical dream realm, where you will next notice the intricate clay sculptures that were meticulously weaved into the acrylic phenomenon.

Kate is also an expert fondant sugar designer and had owned a cake business; her passion for the arts has inspired her to further explore various mediums after 9 years in the industry. She is also a professional graphic designer, having lived in San Francisco, UK, and currently calls Hong Kong home.

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